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Information Technology

Technical support is provided throughout Kent ISD's campus, satellite locations, and Region 1 districts including Cedar Springs, Comstock Park, Kent City, and Sparta. We also provide technology consultation and services to constituent districts upon request. Other specific areas we provide assistance for include:

  • Audio Visual Services through the REMC 8 and Kent ISD
  • DE Streaming, Learn 360, Movie Licensing USA
  • Destiny Library Management System Consortium
  • E-Rate Assistance

Data Services

Information Gathering to Obtain Results (IGOR) was developed by Kent ISD to provide a comprehensive data warehouse solution to several ISDs across Michigan.  Data warehousing is a valualble, proven approach to providing educators at all levels of an organizaiton with the information they need to make high impact decisions.

Information Systems

The Informations Systems team provides support for many applications, including PowerSchool, MicroSoft SQL server, Tienet and several custom applications.  Our successes are hosting PowerSchool services for 5 LEA districts in addition to county List Serves. The Information Systems team hosts quarterly user group meetings and workshops for our group members. We also faciliatate the information exchange between the ISD and sending school districts.


Information Gathering Assistant (InGA) is a tool designed to assist districts in collecting their common assessment data with a direct connection to IGOR. Districts can create assessments and assign each item (constructed response or multiple choice) to an individual content or learning standard. Classroom common assessment data can be entered through a spreadsheet interface or through a web-based scanning tool like Scantron. After the district assessment window is closed, the data is loaded into IGOR. Custom reports can be built at the classroom, school and/or disrict level to display achievement information.

Help Desk

The IT Department uses an online help system to log, prioritize and assign help requests for technical support. Our technicians strive to provide excellent service to you, our customers. To request technical assistance, the following options are available:

  • Send an email to - be sure to include all important details, your location and phone number
  • Call the Help Desk at 616-301-8848

You will receive an email confirmation within an hour that provides the technician's name assigned to your request and the estimated completion time.The Help Desk is available Mon-Fri from 7:00-4:30. After hour requests are processed the next business day

Contact Information

IT & Data Services Director
Glen Finkel (616) 301-6192
IT Services Specialists
Mary Minnema (616) 365-2306 Cheryl Rusche (616) 365-2221
AV & Media Specialist
Greg Verveer (616) 365-2239
Computer Technicians
Felica Cooper (616) 301-8848
Nate Cooper (616) 365-2267
Karen Keshner (616) 365-2294
Drew Klinger (616) 447-2474
Andrew Rosema (616) 365-2345
Systems Engineers
Tim Lillis (616) 447-3073
Arthur Thompson (616) 365-2343
Network Security
Chris Lillis (616) 301-6182
Micky Clark (616) 365-2341
Region 1 Technology
Chris Dart (616) 696-1204
Rob Egeler (616) 247-5007
Jarren Harkema (616) 647-8764
Ryan Ouwinga (616) 365-2312
Ben Strait
Jill VanVeen
Data Services
Mark Maynard (616) 365-2282
Mark Rottman (616) 365-2233 Eric VanDam (616) 365-2301
Educational Technology
Ron Houtman (616) 365-2320
Craig Steenstra (616) 447-5673
Information Systems
Garrett Burgett (616) 301-6198 Mary Minnema (616) 365-2306
Nick Morse (616) 365-2229 Peter Nethercott (616) 365-2287
Kathi Thornton (616) 447-2443